Opinion Prone

My opinions, let me tell them to you.

You know, I’ve grappled with the idea of writing a proper blog for a good while now. As I do happen to follow a lot of entrepreneur, business, and tech-related blogs, I felt compelled to try and write something that would eventually, perhaps, give back to me in the form of connections, networking, and opportunities. Unfortunately, I’ve never deemed myself particularly knowledgeable at any one topic and thus had absolutely no idea what to write about. Occasionally, I would think about this subject or that, but as my interests remained varied, so did my ideas. Scatteredness is okay now and again, but it would be difficult to garner a proper audience if you don’t know who you’re targeting.

The problem with a lot of subjects is that they only strike my interest once in a while, and once in a while isn’t good enough for maintaining a proper blog. Of all the subcultures I maintain membership in, the anime and manga one is probably the one I’ve been involved with the longest. From a quasi-professional standpoint, those topics aren’t really that valuable for discussion — for the most part, there isn’t really anything deep or profound or life-changing here. It’s a fandom, after all. Still, as an I-really-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing-when-I-graduate art student whose style is deeply entrenched in this fandom, maybe garnering an audience of one sort or another within it isn’t such a bad idea, even if writing isn’t the primary medium I plan to make a living in.

Ulterior motives aside, I do actually enjoy writing about anime and such quite a bit. Anyone who knows me personally would know that I can be pretty annoying sometimes pushing my opinions and recommendations on people. What can I say — in the end, I’m just a fan, and I get riled and worked up over these silly Japanese cartoons and comics. I love sharing and there’s no greater joy than getting someone else to fall in love with something I’m crazy about, y’know? I wonder if well-articulated rhetoric is enough to give my opinions “credibility” though. Is that enough to make my opinions worth reading? I tend to be a bit too wordy sometimes too, in case you haven’t noticed already.

Oh well. Here’s the beginning of yet another blogging venture. This will be my new venue for fandom-related opinions over a variety of topics, most likely. Recommendations and discussions and controversies and maybe even some state-of-the-industry madness if I am so inclined. To begin with, I have a few things already planned, and I know I’ll have time to write them when I’m sitting around the office this summer. So with any luck, there will be at least two and a half months of content here before I’m inevitably distracted by the likes of school.

Look for a first installment on Monday, guys. Cheers.