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Wall Street and Batman

June 27, 2008 News

Yesterday was another horrible day for the economy. Everyone’s just about ready to sound the bells announcing the apocalypse, also known as a recession. I suppose that part of the reason I’m so tuned in on this madness is because I work at a company that provides financial software to all the big name banks and investment firms that are flailing around right now, but I do hope you can see why our horrible economy at the moment directly affects consumer spending habits, which obviously include our beloved media from Japan. I can’t decide how scared I should be though. After all, the lines are still long at the Starbuckses, where all of the customers are trading a gallon of gas for a cup of coffee.

On to some better news though, I trust that all of you have seen the five minutes of Batman: Gotham Knight that surfaced Tuesday. As a big fan of the way the Animatrix was handled, I’m really, really looking forward to Gotham Knight’s release, especially since YES, Kevin Conroy shall be reprising his role as the definitive voice of Batman. Honestly? From the five minute exclusive, Conroy’s voice was my absolute favorite part of it. It’s just so good hearing his voice again for a new project after years and years of hearing him from Batman: The Animated Series, among other animated versions. I approve of Bale’s performance in Batman Begins, but he did try a little too hard to force his voice to sound like Conroy’s when he was Batman. Nothing beats that guy; don’t even try.

The rest of the clip wasn’t all that impressive to me, possibly because the other voice actors sounded painfully generic in comparison. The animation was about average, and the particular style used in the clip wasn’t amazingly unique or anything. None of that really bothers me though. After all, there are five other shorts to look forward to, and just the very concept of anime and Batman coming together like this, as an in-between release preceeding the Dark Knight, is incredibly exciting. Batman has always been my favorite superhero.

I really haven’t looked that much into the information available about Gotham Knight though, just as I haven’t seen the last two or three most recent trailers released for The Dark Knight. My excuse is that I’m excited enough for it already, and after a certain point, it’s just painful to be teased. <_< So July 8th and July 18th, guys. That’s what I’m saving my money for. x3

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