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Oh, the 90’s

July 18, 2008 Commentary, Meta

Because living in the middle of no where sucks, it seems I won’t be able to see the Dark Knight until tomorrow. Much fail. Growing up with an AMC 24 where opening weekend titles often get eight screens, it bewilders me that I was met with a “sold out” sign, even if I was going into a one screen theatre that was a fifteen minute drive away from the house. Yeah, it isn’t anime anyway, but come on, it’s the goddamn Batman. :(

Anyway, to make myself feel slightly better, I was looking for Gundam Wing episodes to rewatch for the lulz. Veoh seems to be complete fail and YouTube’s not much better, but I did manage to find most of the first two episodes. It occurred to me that I haven’t seen very much of the series subbed, but oh man. First of all, Wing’s age is really starting to show. The animation for the most part really isn’t so bad, but the people are hilarious. I sure as hell didn’t notice this ten years ago, but the G-boys’ proportions are… accurate. They’re fifteen year old kids! It’s awesome! The voices in Japanese are ridiculous different; in Heero’s case, it’s disturbingly… spunkier? Is that the right word? It’s kind of odd when it’s his wannabe badass English voice you remember the best.

Duo is awesome Japanese or English. And the Deathscythe such a badass. Come on! Wing falls into the ocean five minutes into its debut and idiot Heero is going to blow the damn thing up. Wow, what a way to destroy the series’ namesake?? Meanwhile, Deathscythe is kicking ass and taking names, and then he goes and kills all the dudes trying to salvage the Wing. And Duo tries to be a good guy. D’aw. No wonder this guy has like ten times the fangirls as Heero. And sure, we get a few shots of the rest of the dudes. Trowa is playing with lions, and Quatre is bringing his crazy house of servants everywhere. And Wufei is buying a truck full of explosives. 8D

The pacing in this series makes no sense either. It’s great. And characters (or maybe just Heero and Relena) just seem to zone out all the time for no reason. “Heero! What are you doing? Blah blah blah! I’m going to talk for a minute!” “…Huh? Relena?” But Heero’s not half as bad as Relena. Really, what the hell? The whole school worships her and she’s busy thinking about the random terrorist kid that 1) beat up all the ambulence dudes that went to save him, 2) embarassed her and threatened to kill her, and 3) is probably opposing her father! “Relena! Blow out your candles!” “…What? Oh, that’s right. Candles. You blow them.” God. Even in Japanese all of her dialogue is horrible. “Oh! Heero! You’re about to send those torpedoes off? GASP! I AM SO SURPRISED THAT YOU ARE POINTING A GUN AT ME! D8” Ten years later, I still want to beat her face in. Oh, Duo, why’d you have to go and save her? She doesn’t like you anyway. :( I miss this show, as weird as it to watch it now. The opening theme is kind of strange feeling because they never aired it on Toonami, and has cuts of sound effects in it. The animation in the opening is pretty much like every other Gundam ever, lol. TWO-MIX also has an older feeling style of music, I guess. Techno oddities. The show itself seems to have a really prominent soundtrack, though that might be because I recognize it really easily because I love it~. Maybe one of these days, I’ll get off my ass and go buy the boxset or something, but I really wish they’d stream these somewhere or something. Oh, ANN would like you to know that TOEI has Digimon Adventures 02 available for purchaseable download though. That’s another series I need to rewatch sometime because I’m sure I missed tons the first time around.

Man, I’ll rewatch almost anything for nostalgia’s sake… I’m not old enough to be reminiscing about the good old days, am I? But I do miss me my oldschool Toonami. Remember when Moltar hosted? TOM? Rising Sun? Midnight Run? The plots we had on the Absolution? So awesome. What do kids these days get? Miguzi? Do they still have that piece of crap? Bah! I’m going to go watch all these awesome old Toonami commercials now, and then maybe watch some of my Batman: TAS before going to sleep crying about how I have to wait like TWELVE MORE HOURS before I can finally see Heath Ledger live it up as the Joker.


Edit – Aw, man. I MISS REBOOT!

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