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July 1, 2008 Meta

So I have like… four half-finished blog posts I need to get around to completing. My problem is just that there is too much to talk about, and I don’t have nearly enough time to address everything. It also doesn’t help that I’m both a perfectionist and somewhat ADD. I will read through something a thousand times pruning out mistakes and oddly constructed sentences, and then I’ll get bored and not actually change anything. Why do I treat these posts like pseudo-English essays? I don’t know. None of you care. We’re here to discuss things, not win Nobel Prizes in literature.

Unfinished blog topics thus far: writing fanfiction, why some couples are better than others, more on TOKYOPOP and the OEL market, Kodansha’s overseas publishing, why CG R2 is full of crack…

Oh, woe. I also have a review of the disappointing Death Note anime to write. Man, and I wanted to update this thing at least four times a week too. Woeeeee.