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Dennou Coil
Batman: Gotham Knight
Death Note (anime)

Yay, reviews! I’d actually finished the Death Note review earlier this weekend, but forgot about it… Gotham Knight leaked online last Thursday, and I plowed through the second half of Dennou Coil on Saturday. Seriously, that was twelve episodes watched all in a row while glued to my chair at ungodly hours of morning. It was great though. I also plowed through all of the first season of Rozen Maiden this weekend and will probably be writing a review for that later this week. I think in all, I watched almost 30 episodes of anime this weekend… Oh, woe.

AX news also gave me about twenty different things I want to talk about but have no reliable background to be talking about, lol. Blogging is so time consuming. Oh, why do I have a full time job?? I’ll get around to it all eventually, hopefully, maybe…?

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