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Hurricane and the Economy

September 11, 2008 News

I’m currently in Houston and frantically hoping that my flight out of here tomorrow won’t be affected by Hurricane Ike. All flights are canceled starting from tomorrow at noon and well into Saturday. My flight’s at 10:10am. Sigh… Either way, I’ll be extremely busy for the next week and a half and likely won’t be posting much here.

Some interesting bits of stuff today though.

Since hitting that record high in early July, crude oil has declined a third and hit the $100 mark today. Sign of a slightly recovering economy? Maybe. Wall Street is still terrified about the fate of Lehmen Brothers, but it looks like GONZO is getting saved. It’s also good to see that Crunchyroll is getting more and more attention; it builds more points for the digital distribution model, and maybe it’ll be a sign for other companies to start contracting with Crunchyroll so we’ll have a more universal platform rather than the scattered one we have now.

Also on the topic of the economy, it doesn’t seem as if anime conventions are hurting much from the general, worldwide slump. Most kids are still planning on spending the same amount at cons, and some are even planning on spending more, for whatever reasons. Otakon gained more than 10,000 attendees this year over last, and Baltimore is determined to keep the event in town because of the annual boost in the economy it provides. On the other hand though, it seems that ADV isn’t quite done crashing and burning yet…but at least FUNimation benefits from that fire. And hey! Manga’s back on the weekly booklist! I’m still interested to see what the holiday season will be like.Theoretically Similar Posts: