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Ragequitting [adultswim]

September 12, 2008 Commentary

Actually, I’m kind of surprised at all the fan rage that’s exploded since it was revealed that [adultswim] was changing their Saturday schedule (again) and moving Code Geass and Moribito to the 5am deathslot. After all, I don’t remember this kind of reaction when they did something similar to Gundam SEED and Yu Yu Hakusho some years ago. Maybe this is just the straw that broke the camel’s back; as many others have pointed out in aforementioned threads, anime on [as] and Cartoon Network in general has been going downhill for years. We’re all nostalgic for the pre-2003 era, but we’ve put up with [as] because it was still the best place for televised anime in the United States. We put up with the rampant schedule changes and snarky comments from the producers because [as] censored less, put in less commercials, kept our opening themes, and so on.

But do we really have to put up with this anymore?

The Anime Network and the FUNimation channel are still far from perfect, but they’re there. More and more, companies are embracing the digital distribution model. These alternatives aren’t really mainstream yet, and all the Narutards will probably stick with CN for a few more years, but things are starting to change. Where TV was once the easiest way for people to get their dosage of anime, they now have the likes of YouTube and Veoh, amongst hundreds and hundreds of torrents. More kids are looking online for their fix. With the way things are going, I really don’t think it’ll take long for all the online methods to become the norm and the “mainstream.” And then [as]’s treatment of anime will no longer be tolerated.

Personally, once again citing my lack of an actual TV, I’ve been watching my dub Geass episodes online from [as]’s website, but Moribito hasn’t gotten the same treatment. I’ve had it with [as] though. After Code Geass and R2’s dub run (if they make good on their promise to air R2), I think I’m just going to stick to the online things for anime. Sci-Fi’s airing of Gurren Lagann has been all right, but their four-five commercials per episode is frustrating as hell and their mispronunciation of the series in commercials for it is just embarassing. I guess after this final run, I really won’t have a reason to ever get a TV. Oh well. That’s just more money in my pocket for con merch, right? ;3

Anyway, sorry for the sloppiness of this post. I really should be packing.

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