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Review: Tokyo Godfather

September 3, 2008 Review

I finished a review for Tokyo Godfathers.

ADD prevails and I haven’t been able to focus very well on series other than the two that I’m following as they air (Code Geass R2 and Soul Eater). So I’ve been watching more movies, as evidenced by the two live action NANAs and /2008/08/review-oresama”>Oresama. Meanwhile, my to-watch list for both movies and series gets longer and longer. Can’t really say when I’ll have time to get around to them, but I will likely be rewatching the two Death Note live actions and the L change the world movie when I get back to school since some friends of mine haven’t seen it. Look forward to those reviews? I’ve been wanting to write about the Death Notes for a while. The interim is wonderfully hectic though. I get to fly crosscountry twice in one week and run around doing last minute preparations for AWA, which is conveniently the first weekend after classes start. (Side note, obligitory self-promotion: anyone even remotely close to Atlanta should stop by! I’ll be in the Artists’ Alley Marketplace selling my wares.)

But speaking of Death Note, I’m rather upset that Kinokuniya’s Death Note Day will take place after I leave the state. Figures. It’s unfortunate ’cause, among other fantardy shenanigans, I’d love to buy the Death Note movie they’re promoting; I loved both live actions movies (haven’t seen the L movie yet). I was there a week or two ago and spotted the R2 release of the Death Note movie for like… $30. Obviously a no-go, but yeah. Depending on how much Code Geass and Gurren Lagann merch I end up loading onto myself, I may just pick it up at AWA. Even though I seem to miss all the good stuff though, I agree with Japanator in that it’s great to see more of these kinds of events and promotions on the east coast, especially in New York. The west coast has three states on it. California seems to dominate everything about this industry. Where’s the Atlantic love? We’ve got so many more people on this side of the country! Get over here! There are actually a ton of conventions on east coast, but most of them are small and medium sized. From Katsucon to AWA to Metrocon and AnimeNEXT and Anime Boston, there’s plenty going on. But I guess no one’s going to take us seriously until Otakon starts getting closer to AX’s numbers and NYCC closer to SDCC… :3

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