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Okay. You know I’m all for product placement and hand-in-hand promotions. Code Geass has been especially apt at this, seeing as it was my example for that article too, but there is a point when the product associations just get… really weird. Sure, it’s a side thing and isn’t woven into the fabric of the show like the Pizza Hut nonsense was, but… c’mon. Can you really imagine the Ashford kids chillin’ on a rolling golf course? Okay, so actually, maybe it’s right up there with all the Mario Sports games… I’ve always thought those were kind of weird too, but Mario is a much more versatile property because it’s about plumbers saving a fantasy world. Code Geass, with all its quirk and crack, is still a show about terrorism (kind of). Besides, its main character is thoroughly established as someone not meant for physical activity.

So my first thought was this:

Then again, considering all of the madness that Sunrise has put on the Code Geass drama CDs and sound episodes and the over-the-top, blatant fanservice they put in magazines like Newtype, maybe this Geass-Pangya association is supposed to be taken with that same grain of salt. It isn’t like any of it is canon anyway. And I guess it really isn’t that hard to imagine that Ashford has a giant golf course tucked away somewhere that they take occasional field trips to, and Lelouch is really the only character that would fail hardcore at it anyway — I guess golf isn’t all that physically extraneous, but I still like to think he would fail utterly at it.

I wonder if they’ll give Suzaku some kind of mad hax golf ability. I wonder if there’s a golf course at Clovisland! I wonder if I would have noticed these sorts of weird anime-game hybrids earlier if I actually played games? Ah, well… I guess I don’t really have much else to say. This is just one of those passing WTF moments, which seems to happen way too often with Geass. Speaking of which, how about that R2 review huh? …Oh, right, haven’t written it yet. :X (Hattip: CG LJ comm)

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