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Review: Perfect Blue

November 10, 2008 Review

I met my goals last night as far as homework went, so I rewarded myself with Perfect Blue, which I’ve just finished reviewing. It was the last of Satoshi Kon’s movies that I needed to see, and it was quite excellent. I really can’t wait to see his newest project, Dream Machine, when it’s finished. :3

I was thinking of re-structuring the format I use to set up my reviews. Right now, the sections I use are a mix between the sections dictated by Kiji Anime, a now-defunct review site I used to write for, and my own breakdown of categories. Most review sites or whatever use a similar break down, but since I use MAL pretty much exclusively now, I was thinking of just conforming to that. Really though, the sections I use are pretty much the same anyway, just I list them in a different order and use slightly different names. Some of the other better reviewers also break down the “Sound” category into “music” and “voice acting,” so yeah… Dunno. I’m a fan of cohesiveness and conformity on things that should be uniform, like reviews, but that also means I like cohesiveness and conformity within my own collection of reviews. It’d be troublesome to have to go back and edit old reviews, lol. This is a pretty pointless internal debate, isn’t it?

I think I’ll probably just keep doing what I’m doing and not worry about MAL’s format. Eh.

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