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Review: Spice and Wolf

November 24, 2008 Review

I finally finished watching Spice and Wolf last week, so here’s the review for it. I can now say that I’m looking forward to the upcoming sequel of it. Hurray!

I seem to have this big issue with swapping tenses in my reviews. I’m never sure whether I should be writing them in past or present tense, so I inadvertently end up jumping around a lot, which is really annoying. (I’m sure most people don’t notice anyway, but I do when I go back to read them sometimes…) History papers are in past tense because we’re talking about the past. English papers are in the present because the book is fictional and we’re discussing it in the actual present. As far as I know, you should still use present tense even if its historic fiction. I suppose according to that reasoning, reviews should also be in present tense because we’re discussing it in the present and they’re fictional works… I just need to remember this next time I write. It’s way too much trouble to go back and fix everything I’ve written now… Bugger.

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