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Anime Vice launched on what, Friday? Despite the fact that I wasn’t initially planning to join at all, I’ve spent more than a little time on the site since then doing all manner of mostly useless things. Choice is supposed to be a good thing, I know, but I’ve always disliked that there were so many options when it came to anime encyclopedia and social networking sites. Why do we need so many? Why not just put forth the collective effort to improve what’s already there? ANN and Wikipedia are basically my first choices when looking anything up, and I think it’s hard to imagine that any other site is going to catch up to their repertoire of information any time soon.

I’m finding myself compulsively filling in the missing pieces that are all over AnimeVice currently, but I’m pulling almost all of my information from ANN and Wikipedia. Summaries will need to be reworded, sure, but all those stats and kanji names and static information like that? Copy, paste, baby. The site is still in its infancy, and I’m sure that eventually, it’ll start garnering information that ANN/Wikipedia’s collective encyclopedias won’t have, but there I pose the question again — why not just all that new information to one of the aforementioned sources to begin with? Why do we need this all new place for it? Why split up the contributing population more? (As a side note, I really hate how the AV’s encyclopedia is organized right now, but I’ll give it a few more weeks to develop and straighten out before passing final judgment.)

Of course, there are other merits to Anime Vice other than its information. The news portion I don’t consider to be a direct competitor to ANN since it’s only half news while the other half is more blog-like, and the news that it does catch tends to break sooner than ANN. The trivia section is retardedly addicting (says me, who’s written more than sixty questions for it already). The battle system is interesting, but I got bored of it pretty fast. I don’t like the cosplay section since it encourages people to submit cosplays that aren’t their own, which makes it difficult to trace photos back to their source. (And once again, I don’t see the point in “competing” with Cosplay.com.) The fanfiction section I can see being pretty interesting since the main place for anime fanfiction these days is Livejournal, which I don’t think is ideal. Fanfiction.net is still pretty prominent, but the more regulations it adds, the more I think that fanfiction is definitely a niche that needs to be filled in better.

The last thing is the reviews. I don’t know how much Anime Vice is catering to the review readers/writers considering there isn’t a tab for reviews on the main menu and considering how ridiculously difficult it is to actually figure out how to submit a review at the moment, but it seems like it could have potential. This probably bugs me the most because I want to keep my reviews in as few places as possible, but I also want them to get as much exposure as possible. I like how MAL works, and I like that it doesn’t really have a lot of features that put it in competition with other sites (except AniDB, but I like MAL’s layout/organization better, so there). But AV’s looking to have a pretty nice community already, so what to do, what to do? Should I leave my reviews “exclusive” to MAL, or should I crosspost to AV? Am I just an idiot for caring about questions like these? Or are there others that share my dilemma?

I hate joining new social networking websites for reasons of simplicity. The fewer websites I’m obligated to check, the better. This is why I hadn’t planned on joining AV to begin with. I don’t know why I change my mind (oh, wait, yes, I do. I changed my mind because I needed an account to comment on this news item). I also hate that all these social networking sites also have blogging platforms. Come on, why you gotta make this so hard for me? Blogging is great and I’d love the exposure, but I don’t want to crosspost my content all over the goddamn Internet! It was bad enough with journal features on every damn art site I use, I don’t need this to happen to my anime sites too! (I’m dreading the day ANN finally catches up with the Internet and implements a blogging platform of its own. Oh, woe.)

I’ll get off my soapbox now. I have reviews coming up for Gundam Wing; Episode Zero and 5 Centimeters per Second. Look for ‘um. :3

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  1. Red LAMP at Comicvine.com on December 10, 2008 2:36 am

    Hey thanks for posting about Animevice. Your comments are very constructive. I love getting objective critques.

  2. Kiriska on December 10, 2008 2:44 am

    No problem. I’m thinking of doing a more thorough review of it in a week or two after things settle a bit. :)

  3. Red LAMP at Comicvine.com on December 14, 2008 7:24 pm

    BTW, I made it so you can write a review for a Anime or Manga Series overall, as well as for a specific episode. Like on this Anime Series page Guardian of the Spirit So should be way easier to write a review now.

  4. Kiriska on December 14, 2008 10:23 pm

    I noticed. :) I’m still unsure whether I’ll be posting my reviews on AV, but it’s nothing against the site if I don’t.

    A quick suggestion though — I kind of think Trivia questions should go through an approval process like any informational edits. The approval process doesn’t necessarily need to involve fact-checking on the part of the question, but I’ve noticed a bunch of really poorly worded, vague, or grammatically tragic questions, as well as some really similar questions. There don’t seem to be many people contributing questions anyway, so I don’t think adding those to the approval queue would affect your staff too much. :3

  5. Red LAMP at Comicvine.com on December 15, 2008 4:02 pm

    Since trivia is just a user game we made it so that bad questions can be rated down. Once rated down enough they are removed. A user with too many bad questions actually gets banned from the game.

    As more and more people use the site and find the trivia… the trivia itself will get much better. We had the same problem at first on Comicvine.com and Giantbomb.com