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I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Code Geass is an epicly popular franchise in hard economic times. Why shouldn’t they milk it for all its worth? It’s pretty much guaranteed that everyone’s going to watch whatever they put out anyway. It doesn’t matter whether they loved it or hated it; curiosity trumps everything. They’ll watch it. I know I’ll watch it. I don’t want more; I was very happy with the ending and really want to just leave it as it is, but I’ll watch it anyway.

Image from NeoShinkaThe final illustration drama is already supposed to address more of what happens after the ending, actually, but the new announcement makes it seem like they have something more up their sleeves. So what’ll it be? Another season? A summary-type movie/OAV? Side-stories or spin-offs? Prequel? SEED Supernova-style crack shorts?

I will accept all of above except the sequel option. I absolutely do not want a third season. Taniguchi, you bastard, you said this was the end of the story, and I’m going to hold you do it. :| I loved the ambiguity of the ending. I want to believe that Lelouch is dead. I don’t want a third season calling it either way, especially since he pretty much has to be alive for a third season because it’s his story. A third season wouldn’t work without him. I do not want to follow the adventures of C.C. and L.L. through the countryside. Seriously, do not want.

The other options seem more reasonable anyway since they all require less work. A summary-type condensed release seems like the most likely path to me. It would probably work like all the summary movies they did for Gundam SEED/Destiny, which I think did pretty okay (not sure though, and I’m too lazy to go look it up right now). Side-stories illustrating what the rest of the characters did after the series would be okay since they’d probably be short and wouldn’t require Lulu’s resurrection. A prequel would probably be the most interesting since there are still tons of holes left in the mythology and mystery of Geass, and we never did find out C.C.’s real name. To make up for her having to live forever, we could explore her past! Sounds good to me. I’d definitely be up for some crack shorts too. It wouldn’t be hard considering the series was some 50% crack anyway.

It’s more wait and see, I guess. I don’t know why I keep hoping that Sunrise doesn’t pull a Sunrise though. It’s like hoping for a Gundam series without giant robots and war.

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  1. P. Static on December 26, 2008 4:10 am

    lol wtf :(

    Personally, my bet is on a prequel type thing. I very much would not mind some kind of background on what Geass is and where it came from.