Opinion Prone

My opinions, let me tell them to you.

Here is my review for Gundam Wing: Episode Zero. I meant to do it earlier when I was reviewing all the rest of my GW manga, but Episode Zero must be special since I still own it and I sold everything else. I really want to go rewatch Gundam Wing now, but all I have is some ghetto VHS tape of the final five or six episodes… and there’s no longer a working VCR in the house. I do have Endless Waltz, so I guess I could watch that, but I wanna see the series, man. Then again, maybe I should just go rewatch Gundam SEED (for the fifth or sixth time) instead since I do have access to that, and I’m supposed to be filling in the SEED wiki portions of Anime Vice while this fellow does Wing.

And now it’s time for my rant about Comcast even though I’m sure that there isn’t a single person that would sing praises for them!

My family swapped from Time Warner to Comcast for phone and Internet services since, apparently, Time Warner stopped service in the area. Why? I dunno. To give Comcast a total monopoly!? This seems to be the case! Comcast is notorious for its shitty customer service, and this is compounded by their shitty service in general! For the last week, our Internet has been up and down and down again. It was mostly just an annoyance at first because it would glitch off for a minute at a time every half hour or so. Then it turned into five minutes. Then I noticed that certain sites I’d try to visit would be arbitrarily blocked. A lot of blogs. Things on my blogroll would be blocked mysteriously with a “401 site blocked by administrator” notice. A Google search for “proxy” wouldn’t loud. Then the blocked sites would reappear. It was very puzzling.

Saturday night, the Internet was down for at least eight hours. Sunday evening and into this afternoon, the Internet was down for twenty. I couldn’t even leech off the neighbor’s wifi because everyone else is on Comcast too (well, that and more and more people seem to have gotten the grasp of security-enabled networks)! It’s utterly ridiculous. Oh, the phones were down too, but I don’t use the landlines, so that didn’t bother me. Calls to Comcast directed us to crappy customer service agents reading off manuals that didn’t have any better advice than “reboot your machine.” When pressured for better measures, their responses were “we can’t help you if you don’t follow our instructions.” Excellent.

In the last day, I’ve played 38 games of Freecell and won 23 of them (60% yay!). I’m not even going to tell you how many games of Solitare I played (and lost). It’s funny how the Internet is often considered a distraction, but I honestly can’t get any work done unless it’s there. My routine is to work for a few and surf for a few. Ten minutes of work for five minutes of surfing. Sure, sometimes I get into something and end up online longer than intended, but unless it falls into repetitive checking of email, I don’t really consider my online activities to be completely useless. I’m sure it wasn’t always like this, but I’m too ADD now to concentrate on anything for prolonged periods of time without Internet breaks. Dependency? I guess, but it usually isn’t bad. I get stuff done. Honest.

It’s just those days when the Internet isn’t there. Curse you, Comcast. Curse you and your monopolizing ways.

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