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Review: Planetes

December 31, 2008 Review

Being Asian, the “real” New Year’s has never been as important to me as the Lunar New Year (for 2009, it’s on January 26th), but I guess Planetes is a pretty good series to have reviewed for the new year regardless. I was thoroughly impressed with the depiction of space here: it is amazing, and everyone that considers themselves any kind of sci-fi fan should definitely check it out. It’s the future, guys!

A lot of people seem to recommend Infinite Ryvius for those who like Planetes, probably because Goro Taniguchi directed both of them and both deal with space, but I’m having a hard time moving on with the former. I’m four episodes in, can’t relate to any of the characters, and don’t really feel moved towards caring about their well-being. It’s kind of frustrating. I think finishing it might depend entirely on how much I want to review it because I hate reviewing series I haven’t seen in their entirety; it always feels like I’m missing something that way.

The series I’m breezing through now though is, surprisingly, Ouran High School Host Club, lol. I’ve avoided the series thus far mostly because the premise didn’t interest me. I hear their fanbase is pretty annoying too, but I don’t really concern myself with that usually. As it is now, I’ll probably be finishing off the series tonight and hope to have a review by the time classes start again on Monday. v_vV I’m flying to New Orleans on Friday though, and carpooling the ten hours from there to Savannah on Saturday, so maybe not. We’ll see! I’m sure nobody cares but me! 8D

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  1. kojioe on December 31, 2008 11:39 pm

    This was one of the last shows I watched for the summer. I liked it a lot, and as you say the depiction of space and such is very real and awesome.

    I liked a lot of the characters by the end, and some of the ongoing themes in the show gave me something to think about. Hope you find it as enjoyable as I did as you finish the show up.

  2. Kiriska on December 31, 2008 11:50 pm

    Are you referring to Planetes or Infinite Ryvius? :O

    For Planetes, I agree, the characters were great and by the end, even Tanabe wasn’t so bad. For Infinite Ryvius… I dunno. Ouran will probably be the last series I can finish before classes start, and after that, I won’t have as much time. I’ll probably still try to finish it, but it may take longer just because I’m not very into it right now. :x

  3. P. Static on January 1, 2009 4:07 pm

    Ouran! :D It pains me slightly to admit that yes, I am one of those fans. >_>

  4. Kiriska on January 1, 2009 4:20 pm

    I finished Ouran last night around 3:30am. Why isn’t there a second season?? TT_____TT

    (Also, you should definitely check out Planetes. I know I’ve recommended you like a billion series, but you should definitely check out Planetes. XD)