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You know, I’m actually kind of surprised at the prevalence of figure collecting across this community. Few people I know in real life do any serious (figure) collecting, and I’m not much of a serious collector either, especially considering my first figure was a gift. But I do like to consider myself an amateur photographer, so I thought it’d be fun to take some pictures of what figures I do have. The critic in me also wanted to write a review, but I didn’t feel like taking pictures of all the little flaws in my figures, so uh… I dunno. I’ll probably mention them anyway since a lot of the flaws affect how I can pose the figures, but no full-blown, formal review.

Sora wasn’t my first figure (Axel was). He was the last thing I bought at Ikkikon in 2007 before barring myself from the Dealer’s Room. I was going to get the Final Form version but decided that I liked the keyblades for the Valor Form better. (Valor has Fenrir and Fatal Crest; Final has Sleeping Lion and Fatal Crest.)

His very detailed, but because the figure seems to consider accuracy more important than articulation, and because Nomura’s designs are consisently ridiculous, Sora’s not all that flexible as a result. His arms can’t be raised higher than his shoulders, it’s very hard to bend his knees because of his pants, and it’s generally stupidly difficult to get him to stand in different positions. A lot of the joints are also poorly made — for example, Sora’s shoes are made of three seperate pieces that don’t fit together very well, so parts of it fall apart when you try to pose him. =_=

I guess it’s not that big a deal if his purpose is just to stand and look awesome. Sorry he’s a bit dusty in these photos by the way; he’s been in storage all December, and I forgot to dust him before the shoot… which takes place on my ghetto desk setup consisting of a too-thin white cloth scrap (from a failed cosplay venture) and a few sheets of paper! Can you tell that I love playing with depth of field even though I’m not very skilled at it?

It was ridiculously hard getting him to stand like this. For a few shots I was actually trying to hold him steady with one hand and taking the picture with the other — that didn’t end up working out very well though. ;x

Emo pose is emo.

Stole Axel’s chakram, lol~. It matches his costume so well though! :D The angle here makes me happy too.

Funny thing: Sora can hold Axel’s chakram just as well as Axel can, if not better. The sad part is that Sora has pegs in his hands that are intended to fit into corresponding holes on his keyblades, but it never works out right somehow because of his fingers. Inversely, Axel has holes in his hands intended to fit with pegs on his chakram, but that never quite works out either. 8| I’ll probably dust off Axel sometime this weekend and do a photoshoot of him next.

Sora’s legs in this picture is pretty much all he can do with his legs without a lot of pain and anger.

Annnnd… Spirit Bomb / Kamehameha / Rasengan! 8D

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