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I kind of saw this coming considering what I thought of Higurashi, but it’s still a bit disappointing, I guess.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Umineko started off feeling more promising to me because it felt more like a classic murder mystery and less of a weird series of events that happen to annoying schoolkids. I just wanted to watch a “Who dun it?”-type mystery, but that was the wrong thing to want out of Umineko. In the beginning, I enjoyed it well enough: the gigantic cast confused me, but I did kind of sympathize with Battler and his “Objection!” pose. Most of the other characters I was pretty indifferent to and even “Uuu~” girl didn’t really irritate me that much. The murders were entertaining and the suspicious and accusing atmosphere was fun.

But it didn’t take long for the characters to start boring me and for me to stop caring about what happens to them. Battler never really accomplishes much of anything, and the lack of forward progression annoyed me . The beginning of a new iteration always seems to be hard on my patience — I don’t care about the characters or setting or outcome enough to sit through multiple versions of the same basic idea. The fact that I’ve never played a visual novel probably also contributes to my lack of interest, since I don’t care for the endgame shenanigans as a result. I don’t care which witch wins the game; I don’t care how they go about doing it; I don’t care who dies in each part or whose fault it is. So why am I watching it?

The animation wasn’t anything special and I got pretty tired of seeing Maria’s psychotic face every other scene, particularly because none of the other character seem to notice or react to it even when she was grinning in their faces. At least Light Yagami had to decency to grin behind people’s backs. The music was nice and I especially liked the opening theme, but no one really keeps watching a show just for the music, huh?

And that’s that. Second casualty of the season! Let’s see if I end up dropping CANAAN?


  1. gaguri on August 15, 2009 9:48 am

    I’m still following but I can understand where you are coming from. Out of so many characters, there are not ONE that grabs my attention (in a good way), aside from Rika who I have cherished since Higurashi. The characters really are boring, Battler did nothing (although I guess his job in the first ‘arc’ is just to observe), way too over-use of pointlessly exaggerated facial expressions (and ultimately lost its effect), and uninspired visual aesthetics.

    So, it’s not a very good anime, but as a B-rate mystery I am enjoying it quite ok after having watched A-rate mystery Mouryou no Hako. It keeps me wanting to find out more so that’s enough.

  2. urusai on August 15, 2009 12:15 pm

    The main problem is that while Umineko is an amazing story with an amazing cast, DEEN is a crappy studio.

  3. Tsuki on June 9, 2010 2:38 pm

    I think Umineko no koro naku ni wuz an amazinf anime! i hav NO ideo wat ur problem is, maybe its not ur typ of anime, GO WATCH SAILOR MOON CHU HIPPI

  4. confuse on May 14, 2011 8:00 am

    i just fnish wtching a while ago and it really gve me a headache. so, to lessen my curiosity about this anime, i try to search for any simple explanation bout this storyline. i don’t understand why the witch keep killing over and over and why suddenly the people in the house being killed in many different ways. what the meaning of it, really? i know this witch called beatrice wnt battler to approve her as a witch and i dont understand why she so desperate for it? why maria alwayz show her creepy grin evertime someone been murdered? the killer? still in riddle. who is the killer? among of them or really beatrice?


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