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So I was in Tokyo for the first time, November 27th-December 12th. I was there with something like forty other SCAD students, all Sequential Art and Animation majors. This means I was in Tokyo with forty other nerds. Granted, not all of them were otaku, but come on, it’s a trip to Tokyo with art students. It’s anyone’s guess that most of them were, and even the ones that wouldn’t admit to it had at least a few nostalgic fandoms that originated from Japan. As a college-related trip, we did do class-related things here and there, but really, the majority of it was one glorified tourist trip. And shopping spree.

On our second-to-last day in Tokyo, everyone was instructed to show off all the crazy stuff they’ve purchased during the course of the trip. And if ever I needed confirmation that I was surrounded by a bunch of weeaboo, that was it. It was like a mini-dealer’s room. I was going to save these photos for the end of my eventual series of posts about Tokyo, but I figure, hey, it’s Christmas Eve. Let’s look at all the cool stuff people got in Japan. For all the money that we spent there, we probably aren’t getting any real Christmas presents anyway…

Exhibit A is a table full of stuff purchased by two Gundam fujoshi. What do we have here? A 00 poster, some figs, a stack of 00 doujin behind that and a stack of other doujin under that DeathScythe cell. I kind of wish I knew where she’d gotten that Haro coin purse though… I think I would have bought one too if I had seen it. I do have that Jolteon plush, but my Pokemon haul can be another post entirely.

Apparently the fourth floor of Nakano Broadway has an asston of cel stores. I wish I had taken pictures of the MOB of students that went insane in those little stores, rummaging through boxes and pulling out cheap, cheap cels for¥200- ¥600. Predictably, the animation kids in particular were going nuts. Of course, most of the cels from more well-known and popular series were in the range of ¥2,600-¥350,000, but there were still many good finds. Personally, I didn’t look that long or hard because I just wasn’t expecting to find anything I wanted for a price I was willing to pay. Even this particular cel — if I had found it first, would I have gotten it? It’s a gorgeous cel and I’m still rather fond of the DeathScythe, but I don’t know.

This is the other half of the same table: another huge stack of Gundam 00 doujin, some random things in boxes, piggies from out of UFO catchers, Miku figure, things from the Ghibli Museum, random gashapon…

Next table! A giant book about the Ghibli Museum from the Ghibli Museum, random figs, Yu Yu Hakusho cel of Koenma — not sure how much this one was, Vaporeon plush…

This was my roommate’s table. I THINK I SEE AN EVA FAN, YES? Pah!

And a One Piece fan… I was tempted to get some One Piece socks for my brother, but I doubt they would have fit him. Glad I didn’t anyway though because I ended up getting the bastard way more Touhou crap than he deserves. ;\

Next table! Oh, snap, is that a Spike cel? Sorry for the glare. I think that thing was upwards of ¥15,500, but I don’t remember. I’m surprised it was for sale though since a lot of the cels from popular series were for auction only, including some Ghibli and Disney cels.

Art kids like artbooks.

A whole stack of artbooks and some Gundams.

I wasn’t kidding when I said these guys literally mobbed those poor cel stores. The employees seemed so utterly befuddled at this massive horde of gaijin spazzing out in their store. A lot of them just sat down on the floor and camped out in front of boxes as they sifted through every single cel, looking for hidden gems. So here is a Card Captor Sakura cel, a pretty awesome G Gundam cel, some Bleach production sheets, a Di Gi Charat cel, and some random white-haired badass because the person who bought these apparently has a thing for white-haired badasses (just like the rest of Japan, amirite?).

More art books, some PokeCenter swag, and that Rajah plush is from DisneySea though in Japan his name was something else — Chandu, I think?

Someone isn’t embarrassed of their giant Queen’s Blade fig box, lmao. Too bad I totally don’t remember who this was since I was just running around taking pictures and not paying attention to the stuff’s owners.

Even more cels! Slayers! Tenchi! Actually, I think someone dug out a fairly nice Ryoko cel and showed it to me, but it was ~¥6,500 or so, and I didn’t want to pay that much… wish I’d remembered to get a picture though. Annoying thing about having a fancy DSLR is that it’s a pain to bring it back out once you’ve stuffed it back in its bag.

So apparently in Akihabara and Nakano Broadway, there are about a billion little stores celling old gashapon figures of all sorts, often at really nice prices. Thus, it’s easy to quickly accumulate waaaaay too many of the little things. Thankfully, I had more self-control than this compatriot of mine… though I admit I dug through quite a few ¥50-¥100 discount bins…

Halfway through our marveling of each other’s crap, one of our professors announced that one guy probably had us beat as far as ridiculous expenditures went… apparently, he dropped $1,000 USD on Macross figs and had to get two other people to help him carry the boxes back to his hotel room. He obviously did not bring all of his loot to the party, so I don’t really know what $1,000 worth of Macross insanity looks like. Then again, I’m sure a good chunk of folks regularly spend thousands of dollars importing nonsense from Japan, so this was really only LOLWUT because he apparently dropped the change all at once.

A bunch of figs. Most of these were probably gashapon at some point. I know that the Lupin III stuff on the corner was all from a set of gashapon anyway.

And this… this is apparently a Pikachu condom. Apparently.

Artbooks and doujin and the most adorable Gurren Lagann figs ever. (There was a Viral and a Nia in the set as well.)

More artbooks, Gundam, figs, and a full set of Dragonbouncyballs. This particular person hid the seven Dragonballs in random places in her room and left when the cleaning ladies were coming. When she returned, the cleaning ladies had gathered the seven and put them on the center of her bed. Oh, Japan, we love you!


Zaku cel! …I think I might have bought this if I had seen it first. :( It would have been amazing if there had been a Gouf cel as well…


And that’s everything! Well, everything that people brought in to show. I’m sure there were pleeeeeenty~ more that people left up in their rooms, like me. I didn’t bring any of my stuff down, partially because it was a lot of stuff and partially because I didn’t want people getting their dirty mitts all over my merch… <_<

But what do you think? Good haul? What would you be looking for/hoping to find in Glorious Nippon? (Or under your Christmas tree?)

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  1. ghostlightning on December 24, 2009 2:56 am

    Whoa. Those big Macross models are ridiculously expensive. USD 1,000 would probably get him about 5-7 toys.


  2. Kiriska on December 24, 2009 3:14 am

    Haha, I had no idea they were that insane. Even 5-7 toys would be impressive at that kind of price range. I would have loved have been able to get a picture of the guy and his cohorts bringing the loot back to the hotel though.

  3. Netto on December 24, 2009 4:04 am

    I want… a couple of consoles for christmas :(.

    Looks like you guys have hauled back a ton of loot, must’ve been fun to get this much, eh? :x

  4. Abe Spiegel on January 17, 2010 10:45 am

    OMG, i would lose an arm to get my hands on that Spike cell. Did you buy an extra bag to carry all the merchandise back to the states Lol? Oh just wondering how much did the trip cost. Going to Japan has been a dream of mine since I was in batman underwear lol.

  5. Kiriska on January 17, 2010 10:56 am

    Yeah, I did end up having to buy an extra bag because I was retarded and didn’t realize I could have two free checked bags for international flights. I fly around so much domestically, I’m just used to having crazy charges on bags. Since it was through my college and I was also paying tuition for the classes I was taking there, the trip cost a lot more than it would have to just go alone. A roundtrip flight to Japan only costs about $900, but then there’s lodging and travel and the ridiculous amount of money you’ll spend on toys while you’re there… <_< But it's definitely worth it!


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