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lol, I really don’t know why I’m even bothering to review this.

Seed Supernova: Tanekyara Gekijo

Seed Supernova: Tanekyara Gekijo

STORY – You know, I really appreciate that Sunrise can so readily make fun of its own shows like this. It’s clear from watching both Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny that there are many mockable aspects, even if both series present themselves as being relatively serious. This collection of super-deformed shorts plays up many popular fandom themes (and snarks) which indicates that Sunrise stays very in touch with their audience. Despite there only being four four minute episodes, Seed Supernova somehow manages to touch on a great number of subjects including Yzak’s raging jealousy towards Athrun, the hilarious cheapness of SEED-mode (aka godmodding, ftw), Athrun’s relationship with Kira, Yzak’s relationship with Dearka, Lacus’s ridiculous political power, and Shinn’s… something. I really don’t know what to make of Shinn’s bit.

It’s a very effective and well-aimed silliness, to say the least, and it’s always good to know that a company’s willing to research into what their fans would enjoy in a random spinoff.

CHARACTER – As character personality is one of the main focuses of incessant mockery here, it’s no surprise that all the characters are supremely exaggerated in Supernova. That said, they’re absolutely hilarious characterizations because you’re left saying, “YES, that’s EXACTLY what I thought all along!” about some of the characters’ traits.

ART & ANIMATION – They’re chibis. It’s a cheap production. What do you want? Fireworks? It looks good! You’re only watching it for four minutes at a time anyway.

MUSIC – Recycled music from SEED and SEED Destiny, obviously, but both series had amazing soundtracks, so there. (Refer to my reviews on the two parent series for more details.)

VOICE ACTING – Refer to reviews for SEED and SEED Destiny.

OVERALL – It takes sixteen minutes out of your life to watch this. Live a little. Laugh a little. It’s all good. :3 (Incentive: Shinn crossdressing as Lacus and singing. …Okay, maybe that’s not a very good incentive.)