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Review: Gundam Wing: Episode Zero, and Why I Hate Comcast

December 22, 2008 Meta, Review Comments Off on Review: Gundam Wing: Episode Zero, and Why I Hate Comcast

Here is my review for Gundam Wing: Episode Zero. I meant to do it earlier when I was reviewing all the rest of my GW manga, but Episode Zero must be special since I still own it and I sold everything else. I really want to go rewatch Gundam Wing now, but all I have is some ghetto VHS tape of the final five or six episodes… and there’s no longer a working VCR in the house. I do have Endless Waltz, so I guess I could watch that, but I wanna see the series, man. Then again, maybe I should just go rewatch Gundam SEED (for the fifth or sixth time) instead since I do have access to that, and I’m supposed to be filling in the SEED wiki portions of Anime Vice while this fellow does Wing.

And now it’s time for my rant about Comcast even though I’m sure that there isn’t a single person that would sing praises for them!

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Finally saw this OAV the other day, so here is the review. I’m still kind of surprised at how good it was. It’s good enough that I’m actually considering checking out the Astray spin-off stuff, which I’d avoided before mostly because the Astray girl characters were annoying as hell, but I guess they wouldn’t really be using those characters anyway (right? right?).

What I really want though is either for someone to license and release the Gundam SEED Destiny: The Edge manga series or for someone to freakin’ finish scanlating it. I usually just say that I deny Destiny’s existence and don’t treat its events as canon, but I guess I’m still desperate to find something that takes that shitty storyline and makes it (somewhat kind of maybe) tolerable. From what I’ve read of The Edge, it seems like it has that potential. Of course, part of that is natural just because The Edge’s retelling focuses entirely on Athrun’s POV instead of jumping onto Shinn’s sorry sobstory. Athrun being my favorite character from the series probably helps too. :\ Still, if the Astray side stories can get translated, then why not The Edge? (Probably because everyone finally realized that no one likes SEED in the States and doesn’t care, probably.)

So it seems that Jump’s launched a web site/portal/promo page for the DOGS anime (I can’t tell exactly what it is since I, uh, can’t read it), and it includes our first look at the promotional art for the OAV, which could be indicative of the style they end up with in the actual animation. My first thought is the realization that there are going to be a lot of sacrifices. Miwa Shirow’s style is very detailed, super clean, but occasionally chaotic. He also uses a ton of spot blacks, which is something I think almost always loses its charm when color is added (just take a look at Watchmen; hunt down the inked pages and compare them to the colored ones).

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Well, I finally got around to marathoning through Gundam 00, so here’s the review for season one. I’m still a little behind in the current season (I’m on episode 8), but I’ll probably be caught up by tonight. I’m pretty disappointed with the series in general right now though. The first season’s ending was terrible, and the second season so far hasn’t really made up for it. I really wish they had just cut out half the nonsense in the first season and filled it with all the relevant stuff they’re trying to fit into season two. They could have ended the series in 25 episodes, and it would have been better. I guess I should wait until the second season’s done to pass final judgment though.

But seriously, I’m getting so sick of Sunrise’s Zombie characters. I was going to write a rant about it, but it seems even writing about it pisses me off, so whatever. 8| Raaaaage.

Well, that didn’t take long.

When Viz broke the news about streaming Naruto Shippuden, I began counting the days until someone would announce a near-simultaneous release for a new series as opposed to an established series. Now, less than a month later and after a good bit of hype, Bandai announces that its new license is Kurokami, an anime based on a Korean manhwa (licensed by Yen Press) set to start airing next season! Apparently, it will also begin airing on IATV next season, with each episode airing in Japan, South Korea, and the United States within 24 hours…dubbed! That’s definitely a huge surprise. To think that they actually dubbed off of pencil tests and unfinished animation just to be able to get this release together on time. That’s all kinds of wow. The domestic DVD release is supposed to follow the airing, so it’s likely we’ll get the DVDs around the same time as well.

Of course, this doesn’t exactly follow the groundbreaking Naruto announcement in that this title won’t be streaming online. A near-simultaneous dub is certainly a more impressive feat, but on a channel that not a lot of people get? I don’t know if my family gets IATV here, but I know for sure that the cable my college supplies isn’t going to have it, so there will be no way for me to catch this on TV. Kurokami was one of the few series I was actually planning on watching next season, so this is really disappointing. But there’s this to consider too: if the whole point of near-simultaneous releases is to deter pirating, why would Bandai skip an online streaming release?

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Finished my review for 5 Centimeters per Second. This marks my 40th review on MAL, and I’m just about to edge into the top 10 of the Most Helpful list. A silly and self-important goal, I guess, but everyone likes to feel relevant now and again, right?

I’m not really happy with how I reviewed this movie though. It’s hard to convey mixed feelings when numbers are so impartial. I might just need to watch this movie again and revise the review after that, I dunno. (I overthink these things, I’m sure of it.) I’ve lost a lot of friends since everyone parted ways for college (what is a Facebook friend, really?), so maybe that’s why I had such a snarky attitude towards some parts of this film. The characters made it seem too unrealistic, which is a damn shame because the topic is so relevant. It’s ironic that in today’s super-connected society, people are as isolated as ever.

Nostalgia is a terrible thing sometimes.

DOGS Anime is 2 Episode OAV

December 10, 2008 News 3 Comments

What a huge sigh of relief. Looks like it’s going to be the best case scenario and all my fears from this post have been quelled. The DOGS anime will only be a two-episode OAV, which means we won’t have to deal with filling in a whole season’s worth of episodes with only one manga volume of content! That also means there’s a pretty damn good chance that the anime will follow the manga faithfully… so it’ll pretty much be an animated version of the sound dramas? Haha. It would be pretty hilarious if they used the vocals they already recorded and just put it to some pretty animation.

It might be too early to be speculating, but I wonder what this might mean for future DOGS anime? It’s hard to say how long of a project DOGS: Bullets and Carnage will end up being, but considering it’s scheduled to be at volume four by the time the OAV releases, there’s enough material to fill up a normal season now. Does this mean we’ll eventually see a normal-run series based off Bullets and Carnage? I’d like to think that chances are high…

Yes, yes, it seems we have a confirmed airdate now. Or, well, not a date. A month. April 2009. Fullmetal Alchemist. I find it curious that it’s just “Fullmetal Alchemist” though. There is no “2” tacked on. No subtitle. The ten second clip on the official website doesn’t seem to reveal anything new or big (the video’s also on YouTube since the website’s getting lagged to death by otaku). The character designs are the same as before. Al is still in his armor body. Roy still has both his eyes. If I didn’t know better, I’d say we were just seeing a trailer for the original series. What’s going on here? Am I going to get my wish after all? Is the ending of the first series and that movie going to be retconned? Are we picking up from halfway through the series and finishing it from there?

Or is this not a sequel at all? Are we starting over completely?

Some people seem to be speculating that this series will start from the beginning, but this time, it’ll strictly follow the manga. I haven’t seen anything official regarding this yet, so I’ll believe it when I see it, but I don’t think it’s an unlikely possibility. I still haven’t read the manga myself, but I might have to soon if this is the case. I think it’ll be incredibly weird to go through the anime again with this alternate storyline though — especially if character designs, voices, etc, etc, remain unchanged. Has something like this ever happened before? Has a series that veered off from its source material gotten redone so that it’s now true to the original?

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Review: Nodame Cantabile

December 2, 2008 Review Comments Off on Review: Nodame Cantabile

Finished the review for Nodame Cantabile!

I’m not sure if I should go ahead and move onto the sequel or wait until its finished airing. My brother is still trying to get me to go through more of Seto no Hanayome, but I’m not really feeling it. I want to check out the Nodame Cantabile live action stuff though — there’s a drama and a special out, right? The live action all takes place in Europe though, so maybe I should wait until I finish the anime’s sequel? I also kind of want to check out the manga, though it’d be kind of weird without those long montages of music… plus, it’s still on-going, so I’d have a lot of catching up to do, only to wait some more. :P Oh, woe. For these series that have run off and seeped into a dozen different medias, how do you choose what to check out and in what order?

Review: Ghost in the Shell

December 2, 2008 Review 2 Comments

After years of being a fan of GitS: Stand Alone Complex, I finally got around to watching the original Ghost in the Shell movie. And here’s the review. I’m expecting a rush of “not helpful” feedbacks because I reviewed it negatively, hahaaaaa.

I’m wishing again that users on MAL could actually leave comments on reviews so I know for sure why people think some of mine are “unhelpful,” particularly when I think I’ve reviewed in favor of the general consensus, like my Perfect Blue review. I want to know if it’s actually something about my writing or people disagreeing with my opinion. Ah, well.

I just finished Nodame Cantabile, so that review should be coming up soon~.