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I wasn’t expecting the rumor mill to kick into gear so soon, but it looks like some “reliable source” has said that Keanu Reeves has been “attached” as the role of Spike Spiegal in the recently revealed FOX Cowboy Bebop live action movie. Huh. Well, that’s interesting. I don’t really think anyone expected any big name actors to sign on for any of these upcoming US-made anime live action movies. I certainly didn’t, anyway, and I’m not quite sure that I want Mr. Reeves to be Spike. I’m having a hard time picturing it — what about you?

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Who The Hell Do You Think I Am??

July 29, 2008 Commentary Comments Off on Who The Hell Do You Think I Am??

Tengen Toppa GURREN LAGANN Premieres on the Sci-Fi Channel!

Well, the first two episodes of TTGL have just aired on the Sci-Fi channel. I’ve been excited for this ever since they announced the voice cast, mostly because I really wanted to see Steve Blum as Leeron, but also because I was happy Kyle Hebert managed to land such a huge role. When I saw the screenings from AX though, I had a few doubts because the voices didn’t seem as awesome as they should have been. In retrospect, that was most likely because they were very low quality recordings from the panel — I still had fairly high expectations for tonight, and I’m pleased to report that they were met.

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Spike Spiegal as a Flamboyant Engineer

July 3, 2008 Commentary, News Comments Off on Spike Spiegal as a Flamboyant Engineer

Oh, god. So they announced the dub cast of Gurren Lagann this afternoon at AX. This cast list is one of the most amazing I’ve ever seen, but I can’t decide if it’s because they’ll be fantastic or if it’s because this is just so ridiculous.

Simon will be sharing a voice with Sasuke and Suzaku, two characters I hate! 8D Oh, man, this will be hilarious. Seriously though, Yuri Lowenthal does a fairly decent job, and I look forward to seeing how he does Simon. Yoko will be sharing a voice with Rukia and Euphemia, which is kind of hilarious, but I’ve never really been that impressed with Michelle Ruff’s voices — they all sound fairly generic. Yoko needs to be a badass. Come on! Kyle Hebert as Kamina will also be something to look forward to. To be honest, I don’t remember many of his roles very well, but he’s a friend of friend, and was an active member in one of the only anime forums I was ever really active in, so I really respect the guy for being in touch with fans. From what I know, he’s had it pretty rough (like most VAs, really) in more recent years, and I’m really happy he’s landed such an amazing role.

But the two things on this list that floor me are the following:

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