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I hate spoilers.

For things you actually care about, once revealed, you can never unhear or unread or unsee. It’s incredibly frustrating to be working your way through some material only to have someone blather important plot points to you or inadvertently reveal that a certain character dies later on. As such, I’ve always taken to seeing movies opening night or reading books the day they come out because otherwise, I don’t feel like I can freely browse the Internet until I do.

A little extreme, maybe, but it’s dangerous being a Harry Potter fan when there are trolls roaming the webz with “***** KILLS **********!” flashing in their forum signatures. I’ve never attended a midnight book release for Harry Potter for the same reason — drive-by spoilers. Some people have nothing better to do. I actually blocked a few friends temporarily on Facebook and AIM for the week leading up the Deathly Hallows‘ release because I had zero tolerance for the various nonsense and fake spoilers they were spouting. Spoilers are serious business! Who are you to deprive someone of an experience?

What?! He dies? Noooo!!

What?! He dies? Noooo!!

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It’s Not a Death Note, is it?

August 10, 2008 Commentary Comments Off on It’s Not a Death Note, is it?

Why so serious? It’s not a Death Note, is it?!
For some reason, even though it was announced a few days ago, it completely slipped my mind that Ohba and Obata’s new project was coming out very, very soon. And by very, very soon I mean the first chapter started leaking across the Internets starting Friday while I was busy watching the Olympic opening ceremonies in high def. But last night, I finally sat down and read through it, and holy shit.

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Reviews: Dennou Coil, Gotham Knight, Death Note anime

July 8, 2008 Review Comments Off on Reviews: Dennou Coil, Gotham Knight, Death Note anime

Dennou Coil
Batman: Gotham Knight
Death Note (anime)

Yay, reviews! I’d actually finished the Death Note review earlier this weekend, but forgot about it… Gotham Knight leaked online last Thursday, and I plowed through the second half of Dennou Coil on Saturday. Seriously, that was twelve episodes watched all in a row while glued to my chair at ungodly hours of morning. It was great though. I also plowed through all of the first season of Rozen Maiden this weekend and will probably be writing a review for that later this week. I think in all, I watched almost 30 episodes of anime this weekend… Oh, woe.

AX news also gave me about twenty different things I want to talk about but have no reliable background to be talking about, lol. Blogging is so time consuming. Oh, why do I have a full time job?? I’ll get around to it all eventually, hopefully, maybe…?

Yay, I finished writing my obnoxiously long (as usual) review for the Death Note manga. Now I can follow it up with a review of the anime, which I recently finished. Here’s a preview: I didn’t like it.

Hoping to finish some of my half-written entries tomorrow also, but we’ll see. I’m planning bumming around the city with my friend Cat on Friday. We’ll probably be hitting Kinokuniya, Midtown Comics (on 7th Ave), and the Nintendo Store, among other places. Maybe I’ll get something for myself.