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Last week, various friends and I found ourselves at the local Target store for some explicable reason. There, amongst their shelves of Easter candy and cheap plushies, we found Domo-kun. Dressed with bunny ears or a chick outfit. Of course, Domo-kun had been licensed States-side for a while now; Nickelodeon has aired the shorts, and Target had a bunch of Domo-related merchandise around Halloween as well. I knew this, but since I apparently didn’t hang out at Target in October, I didn’t really see any of them out until now. So we crowded around the Domo-kuns and debated buying some for a bit. Three of us took one. They were all retardedly adorable.

But then, later on, while bumming through the toy aisles like the college students we are, we came across bigger Domo-kuns. Posable ones. Exactly three of them. And we all got one of those, in addition to the smaller ones we already had. Great.

Between my roommate and I, we had four Domos, and we brought them to our Environments class on Tuesday. A few of our classmates had 1:18 scale diecast model cars with them since we were using them for reference on our assignment, and in the twenty minutes or so before class actually started… this photoshoot commenced.

You only wished your car was this shiny, red Corvette.

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