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What, two posts in one day? What is this madness??

A lot’s happened since I last talked about the upcoming Dragonball movie. Piccolo’s makeup job was revealed. Other people’s pictures were revealed. And oh, this trailer leaked sometime last week. Watching the trailer is a pretty sobering experience. The trailer outlines a movie that could be pretty much any other Hollywood movie — kung-fu masters are all the rage these days, and so are key words like “true” and “prophecy.” All of the shots and angles and colors and effects seemed so plain, so familiar, so overdone. Very little of it was reminiscent of the source material, and really, if it wasn’t for the kind-of-recognizable dragonballs themselves, it could be any other movie. I wouldn’t have known better if it hadn’t been labeled as the Dragonball movie. The “prophecy” thing bothered me a lot too… it’s just such a generic and over-used word that’s been used over and over again in dozens of other films. That they used it to present Dragonball is disappointing.

It’s been obvious for a while that they’re trying to capture something bigger than the niche audience. It wasn’t for the fans that they aged Goku up from a spunky, little Asian kid to a mid-twenties white dude. It wasn’t for the fans that they made Piccolo look like Nosferatu. Yeah, both Goku and Piccolo are technically aliens without nationality, but those are the little things that fan want to count on. Our Son Goku is one of a million incarnations of the character from Journey to the West; as such, he should remind us of a mischievous little monkey king.

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Review: Moon Child

September 8, 2008 Review 2 Comments

Moon Child is one of the few movies I actually own (well, to be fair, it was a gift). I’ve seen it a half dozen times or so and have been trying to write about it for a while. Even though it’s been years since I first saw it, writing about this movie in an objective manner has been much, much harder than I thought it would be, but here we are…

(this review does no specific spoilers, but hints at some)
Moon Child

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Review: Oresama

August 26, 2008 Review 1 Comment

Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of 雅 -miyavi-. This led me to suddenly realize that I haven’t seen Oresama, which I found kind of strange until I went hunting for the movie. Subbed versions of this movie are, apparently, near impossible to find. There is no official subbed DVD version either, so I couldn’t even go and buy the damn thing. Subs on both YouTube and Veoh, in addition to be of poor quality, are all incomplete. (I found an amateur subbed version where seriously, half the subs read “I have no idea what he’s saying here.”) I could find subs in French and freakin’ Malaysian though. Poor miyavi. He’s apparently not popular enough around here to get a finished sub. What gets me the most is the fact that this film’s only about an hour long. Come on. How hard could it be?

(this review contains no spoilers; honestly, there’s not much to spoil)

After about an hour of rampaging around the Internet and finding nothing, I decided to watch it raw. A weeaboo’s knowledge of the language gained from a decade or two of watching anime, however advanced, doesn’t get one very far, sadly. I could pick out greetings, some numbers, some exclamations, some questions and answers, but little more than that. Nevertheless…


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I was actually going to sit down and watch some more Spice and Wolf, but for one reason or another, my mouse went and clicked on this instead. So what the hell, here’s the sequel to NANA and what will probably be my last dose of shoujo slice-of-life for a while.

(this review contains spoilers)
Nana 2

Harry Potter Delayed?

August 15, 2008 News Comments Off on Harry Potter Delayed?

Okay, non-anime topic time. Hey, Japan loves the four-eyed wizard boy too.

Now and again, I like to keep up with news in the Potterverse. I could get into a detailed ramble thousands of words long about exactly what I think of the series, but I’ll spare us both the trouble. Suffice to say that I’m a fan of the books. Despite my best efforts, I’m rather purist about it all and so most of the movies don’t sit well with me, but I’ve really come to love to hating them. (Oh, man, making fun of the Order of the Phoenix movie was great.) As such, I was kind of looking forward to the 6th movie’s release in November and was very surprised to find today, quite by accident, that it’s been pushed back eight months to July 2009. And why? Not because they’re not finished with it. They’re done. It’s just…they want a summer blockbuster instead of a winter-release film. …Wait, What? :|

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Review: NANA (live action)

August 11, 2008 Review 4 Comments

I’ve had this movie sitting around for a while, but I finally decided to watch it yesterday to distract myself from the epic tragedyfest that was episode 18 of Code Geass R2. I’m not usually much for shoujo, but I think this was a pretty decent choice of distraction.

(this review contains no spoilers!)


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I wasn’t expecting the rumor mill to kick into gear so soon, but it looks like some “reliable source” has said that Keanu Reeves has been “attached” as the role of Spike Spiegal in the recently revealed FOX Cowboy Bebop live action movie. Huh. Well, that’s interesting. I don’t really think anyone expected any big name actors to sign on for any of these upcoming US-made anime live action movies. I certainly didn’t, anyway, and I’m not quite sure that I want Mr. Reeves to be Spike. I’m having a hard time picturing it — what about you?

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The Next Big Thing — Live Action Anime?

July 24, 2008 Editorial Comments Off on The Next Big Thing — Live Action Anime?

With three ridiculously popular Death Note and the NANA live actions still in recent memory, it seems like everyone and their mom is making live action adaptations of anime, including some by American companies. The Dragonball movie’s finally got a confirmed release date in 2009, and Fox has just confirmed having acquired the rights to a Cowboy Bebop live action, not to mention that there are rumors floating around about an American adaptation of Death Note (do we really need more?), though I’ve forgotten where I read this. As well, both TOKYOPOP and Viz have recently restructured to include a new media branch that will supposedly focus on pitching properties to Hollywood. I find all of this somewhat surprising considering Speed Racer’s abysmal failure (though I don’t think it really deserved to bomb as badly as it did), but I’m curious — if even one of these live actions manages a mild success in the US, could that open the gates for many, many more, just as 2000’s X-Men and 2002’s Spider-Man seemed to have opened the floodgates for endless comic book adaptations?

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Review: The Dark Knight

July 23, 2008 Review 2 Comments

Usually, I can sit right down to writing after I’ve seen something. I’ll finish the last episode and fire up Notepad (because simpler is better) to write a review. I’ll come back from the theatre and set immediately to writing. But for some reason, I couldn’t do that after The Dark Knight. Immediately after finishing the movie, I didn’t want to write. I wanted to see it again, maybe two more times, before writing anything, but for a variety of reasons, that’s probably not going to happen any time soon. So I sat on it for a few days, pondering it and trying to sort out my opinions. That isn’t to say that I was ambivalent or didn’t have an immediate opinion at the time, it was just the details of it…

(this review contains mild, nonspecific spoilers)

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Doragonboru 2009

July 19, 2008 Commentary 2 Comments

So they finally gave us a poster with Goku on it.

I can’t decide whether or not I’m excited about this movie. I’ll probably go see it regardless, and I had renewed faith when they announced that Stephen Chow would be involved. But they’re still using a white guy as Goku. ._. To be fair, I don’t remember any of his other roles well, and thus can’t judge him much as an actor, but it just seems weird? Orange gi sure looks weird in real life — isn’t it funny how we never realize these things? I hope they never make a live action Naruto, but if this movie’s even a minor success, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if someone tried to do the same with DBZ’s grand successor. I can’t remember, are they planning sequels for this Dragonball movie? Anyway, I’m glad they finally have a date on this after kicking around in the rumor bin for years after years.

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