Opinion Prone

My opinions, let me tell them to you.


June 20, 2009

Opinion Prone is (obviously) an opinion blog. They are often long, rambling, tl;dr opinions. Sometimes there is also news, but you’re unlikely to get the news without opinions on the news. Anime, manga, and related topics should appear most frequently, though Western entertainment, art in general, and random other things have been touched on, on occasion.

At some point I think I tried to spin this off into a pseudo-journalistic pursuit, but I have enough things in my life that I take too seriously, and really, it became clear rather quickly that it is in the best interest of this blog that I don’t try too hard. So this will, hopefully, return to being the random weeaboo thought-dump it was originally and I can go on stressing out about everything else.

Kiriska is a freelance artist living on the Internet and physically located between Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier. Contact can be established via email or by tweeting @Kiriska.