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I totally had a different entry planned (it is sitting half-finished in another window, haha, but I guess I’ll finish it tomorrow), but then I read that DOGS finally, finally got licensed! I don’t think there’s ever been another title I’ve been as excited to see get snatched though I’m not too sure why this is, lol… maybe because nothing else I read is so randomly underground and unknown. But really, I’m still surprised it took so long! DOGS’s first volume is standalone and has been out since 2001!

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More Econ Woes & FUNi’s Domination

July 11, 2008 Editorial, News Comments Off on More Econ Woes & FUNi’s Domination

The office did some seating rearrangements this week, and as a result, I now sit in front of one of the wall TVs that has CNBC on all day. So for eight hours a day, I have a perfect view of the constant live coverage on Wall Street. As if the last few weeks haven’t been bad enough, this last week seems to be one new record after another. Today, both the DOW and the S&P 500 have hit a two-year low? Crude oil hit another record high ($147.27/barrel), though it did drop back down to $145 before I left. I don’t really know what the hell Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are (okay, okay, so they’re country’s two biggest mortgage buyers). but opening at an almost 50% drop in share prices can’t be good for anything, right? Lehmen Brothers is also down 20% today or something like 80% from several months ago. The stock ticker seems to be a perpetual stream of red arrows. Don’t forget the dollar is still steadily dropping against other major currencies. There are so many headline-worthy stories of woe that the news anchors seem ever flustered at picking topics. Interviewees called in don’t really know what the hell they’re supposed to talk about first because there’s so much to address.

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Spike Spiegal as a Flamboyant Engineer

July 3, 2008 Commentary, News Comments Off on Spike Spiegal as a Flamboyant Engineer

Oh, god. So they announced the dub cast of Gurren Lagann this afternoon at AX. This cast list is one of the most amazing I’ve ever seen, but I can’t decide if it’s because they’ll be fantastic or if it’s because this is just so ridiculous.

Simon will be sharing a voice with Sasuke and Suzaku, two characters I hate! 8D Oh, man, this will be hilarious. Seriously though, Yuri Lowenthal does a fairly decent job, and I look forward to seeing how he does Simon. Yoko will be sharing a voice with Rukia and Euphemia, which is kind of hilarious, but I’ve never really been that impressed with Michelle Ruff’s voices — they all sound fairly generic. Yoko needs to be a badass. Come on! Kyle Hebert as Kamina will also be something to look forward to. To be honest, I don’t remember many of his roles very well, but he’s a friend of friend, and was an active member in one of the only anime forums I was ever really active in, so I really respect the guy for being in touch with fans. From what I know, he’s had it pretty rough (like most VAs, really) in more recent years, and I’m really happy he’s landed such an amazing role.

But the two things on this list that floor me are the following:

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(Un)healthy in Paranoid Times

July 3, 2008 News Comments Off on (Un)healthy in Paranoid Times

Wow. I really hate to keep tooting this apocalyptic trumpet, but with these sorts of stories coming up on my Google Reader every day, it’s kind of hard to ignore. To overturn what I had said about people still seeming happy to trade their four dollars for coffee instead of gas, Starbucks is closing 600 stores nationwide and laying off 12,000 jobs. That’s bad news for us since most of Starbucks’s employees are high school and college kids our age. In total, 62,000 jobs disappeared in June, unemployment rose up to 5.5%, and Goldman Sachs is predicting that it will continue to rise until peaking around 6.4% at the end of 2009. That’s depressing (no pun intended).

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Wall Street and Batman

June 27, 2008 News Comments Off on Wall Street and Batman

Yesterday was another horrible day for the economy. Everyone’s just about ready to sound the bells announcing the apocalypse, also known as a recession. I suppose that part of the reason I’m so tuned in on this madness is because I work at a company that provides financial software to all the big name banks and investment firms that are flailing around right now, but I do hope you can see why our horrible economy at the moment directly affects consumer spending habits, which obviously include our beloved media from Japan. I can’t decide how scared I should be though. After all, the lines are still long at the Starbuckses, where all of the customers are trading a gallon of gas for a cup of coffee.

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