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Dude. This show is awesome.

As usual, I didn’t pay much attention pre-season and barely remember seeing this show on the preview charts. With Fall gradually starting, I skimmed a few blogs reacting to its apparent insanity, but I wasn’t really interested until I saw someone describe it as Powerpuff Girls x Gurren Lagann x Dexter’s Lab x Sailor Moon x FLCL.

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October 2nd was this year’s 24 Hour Comic Day, a day where comic artists everywhere break their backs and their wrists by attempting to produce, in its entirety, a 24-page, standalone comic in twenty-four consecutive hours. And, by amazing coincidence, it was also the debut of the highly anticipated, at least on my part, Bakuman anime — the animated adaptation of a manga about some kids drawing manga.

The Bakuman manga, licensed by VIZ Media, recently made its US debut. I picked up the first volume and intended to write some kind of review, but at this point it probably isn’t going to happen. However, with the first volume relatively fresh on my mind, I approached the anime with every bit of my usual neurotic purist caution. I was psyched about the anime, but I have a tendency to be disappointed by adaptations, even when I try my hardest not to be. Surely the anime would lose something on the meta level, now as an anime about manga, rather than a manga about manga.

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I just finished watching the first episode of Dragonball Kai with my roommate. It was very… strange. It was nostalgic in many ways, but somehow, it also felt like a completely new experience. Dragonball Z, along with Sailor Moon, was one of the first series that really propelled me into anime on the whole. It wasn’t the first anime I’d seen or the first I’d loved (those would be My Neighbor Totoro and Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh), but I’m sure that I’m not the only one to have ever-sweet memories of coming home from school every day with Toonami to look forward to. I haven’t rewatched DBZ since it ended its initial run on the block years and years ago, and I never did dig up the Japanese original to take a gander at either.

In reality, it really hasn’t been that many years. DBZ’s original dub run ended in April 2003. Six years. That’s not that long… right?

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It’s Not a Death Note, is it?

August 10, 2008 Commentary Comments Off on It’s Not a Death Note, is it?

Why so serious? It’s not a Death Note, is it?!
For some reason, even though it was announced a few days ago, it completely slipped my mind that Ohba and Obata’s new project was coming out very, very soon. And by very, very soon I mean the first chapter started leaking across the Internets starting Friday while I was busy watching the Olympic opening ceremonies in high def. But last night, I finally sat down and read through it, and holy shit.

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Who The Hell Do You Think I Am??

July 29, 2008 Commentary Comments Off on Who The Hell Do You Think I Am??

Tengen Toppa GURREN LAGANN Premieres on the Sci-Fi Channel!

Well, the first two episodes of TTGL have just aired on the Sci-Fi channel. I’ve been excited for this ever since they announced the voice cast, mostly because I really wanted to see Steve Blum as Leeron, but also because I was happy Kyle Hebert managed to land such a huge role. When I saw the screenings from AX though, I had a few doubts because the voices didn’t seem as awesome as they should have been. In retrospect, that was most likely because they were very low quality recordings from the panel — I still had fairly high expectations for tonight, and I’m pleased to report that they were met.

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