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Pay More for Less

August 5, 2008 Editorial Comments Off on Pay More for Less

Studio Pierrot’s president will apparently be at Kinokuniya this Saturday. That’s about a five minute walk from where I work, except, of course, I don’t work on Saturday. I can’t decide if it’d be worth it to go; after all, I don’t pretend to be a real journalist, and am not sure exactly how interesting I would find Mr. Nunokawa’s speech. Undoubtedly, more professional bloggers than myself will provide all the in-depth coverage I could want. Besides, most of the time, going to Kinokuniya ends in me having bought something I didn’t need. They’re giving away passes to New York Anime Fest, which would be a fantastic incentive, except that I won’t be in the state when the con occurs. Oh, woe.

In other news though, there’s been some discussion about Xam’d on the PS3 and Gurren Lagann’s dub release on iTunes. Aside from the fact that Xam’d is exclusive to the most expensive console out there, many people have clamored that its price is outrageous. Now the same’s being said about Gurren Lagann. $51 for a 27 episode series amounts to about $1.88 an episode. That’s really only marginally better than the $1.99/ep you’d be paying without the “season pass,” which would add up to, gasp, $54 total instead. That’s pretty comparable to the Cowboy Bebop regular edition DVD boxset, which retails for about $50 (not counting your awesome Amazon discount). Except that an iTunes download is not a DVD. An iTunes download does not provide both the dub and sub tracks; it provides no extras and no pretty packaging. So, yeah, I think I’ll be in the camp with the people saying this is pretty ridiculous.

Oh, yeah, and Xam’d? That bitch is just a single-vocal track rental. And it costs more than Gurren Lagann to buy. Awesome! Now, just about everyone is a proponent of digital distribution, especially recently with the global economic slowdown. (Oh, crude oil hit a three-month low today; that’s good to hear, right?) That combined with the ever prevailant force of fansubs have more or less forced anime companies to take this route, but come on… should that make things cheaper, not more expensive? You’re ditching the fancy box and extra features and just putting the thing up for download — why does that cost the consumer more than buying something physical? Just doesn’t make sense.

It kind of reminds me of all the stuff airlines are trying to do now to break even, except backwards. Instead of charging you now for things they’ve given away free in the past, they’re not giving you the extras at all and making you pay more anyway! I don’t get it, do you? Sometimes I feel bad about not taking advantage of the legal digital downloads that are currently available — after all, companies need to be reassured that this is indeed what their consumers want — but aside from the fact that I own neither use iTunes nor own a PS3, there’s no way I’d ever pay that much for so little. I’m a cheapskate and rarely even buy DVDs, why would I take less and pay more?

Maybe I really should go see Mr. Nunokawa after all. Maybe he could answer some of these questions. Except his company isn’t among the ones pulling these weird stunts. D’oh.

Who The Hell Do You Think I Am??

July 29, 2008 Commentary Comments Off on Who The Hell Do You Think I Am??

Tengen Toppa GURREN LAGANN Premieres on the Sci-Fi Channel!

Well, the first two episodes of TTGL have just aired on the Sci-Fi channel. I’ve been excited for this ever since they announced the voice cast, mostly because I really wanted to see Steve Blum as Leeron, but also because I was happy Kyle Hebert managed to land such a huge role. When I saw the screenings from AX though, I had a few doubts because the voices didn’t seem as awesome as they should have been. In retrospect, that was most likely because they were very low quality recordings from the panel — I still had fairly high expectations for tonight, and I’m pleased to report that they were met.

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Doragonboru 2009

July 19, 2008 Commentary 2 Comments

So they finally gave us a poster with Goku on it.

I can’t decide whether or not I’m excited about this movie. I’ll probably go see it regardless, and I had renewed faith when they announced that Stephen Chow would be involved. But they’re still using a white guy as Goku. ._. To be fair, I don’t remember any of his other roles well, and thus can’t judge him much as an actor, but it just seems weird? Orange gi sure looks weird in real life — isn’t it funny how we never realize these things? I hope they never make a live action Naruto, but if this movie’s even a minor success, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if someone tried to do the same with DBZ’s grand successor. I can’t remember, are they planning sequels for this Dragonball movie? Anyway, I’m glad they finally have a date on this after kicking around in the rumor bin for years after years.

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So recently, I realized that 4 of 5 of my listed favorite anime series on MAL are either mecha series (Gurren Lagann, Gundam SEED, and Code Geass) or include mecha in some way (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex). The odd one out is Paranoia Agent, which is last on the list anyway because I kind of included it on a whim. I find this kind of strange because even though I do like my giant robots, I’ve never thought that they had much influence on my overall impression of a series. After all, I don’t think I go out of my way to watch that many mecha series, and I certainly have positive opinions of wide variety of other series. But nevertheless, it’s the mecha series that hold up as my favorites. Is it just a coincidental statistic that 80% of my “top favorites” are mecha? Or 60% if you want to disqualify GitS:SAC for only having Tachikomas that are mostly irrelevant anyway? Or is there really something about mecha series that makes them rise above the rest?

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Spike Spiegal as a Flamboyant Engineer

July 3, 2008 Commentary, News Comments Off on Spike Spiegal as a Flamboyant Engineer

Oh, god. So they announced the dub cast of Gurren Lagann this afternoon at AX. This cast list is one of the most amazing I’ve ever seen, but I can’t decide if it’s because they’ll be fantastic or if it’s because this is just so ridiculous.

Simon will be sharing a voice with Sasuke and Suzaku, two characters I hate! 8D Oh, man, this will be hilarious. Seriously though, Yuri Lowenthal does a fairly decent job, and I look forward to seeing how he does Simon. Yoko will be sharing a voice with Rukia and Euphemia, which is kind of hilarious, but I’ve never really been that impressed with Michelle Ruff’s voices — they all sound fairly generic. Yoko needs to be a badass. Come on! Kyle Hebert as Kamina will also be something to look forward to. To be honest, I don’t remember many of his roles very well, but he’s a friend of friend, and was an active member in one of the only anime forums I was ever really active in, so I really respect the guy for being in touch with fans. From what I know, he’s had it pretty rough (like most VAs, really) in more recent years, and I’m really happy he’s landed such an amazing role.

But the two things on this list that floor me are the following:

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